CTPAT – Application Process / MSC Overview

Looking to improve stability in transit times? Consider becoming a CTPAT Partner. The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary program which offers valuable benefits, such as first in line exams, business resumption, and lower risk scores, to trade partners who choose to partner on border security with US Customs and Border Protection.

Ready to join CTPAT? Here are some things to consider:

Application Process: To become a member of C-TPAT, follow these steps:

  • Eligibility Review: First, review the Minimum-Security Criteria to ensure your company meets the program’s requirements. These criteria cover various aspects of supply chain security and are outlined below.
  • Online Application: If eligible, apply online through the secure CTPAT Portal. The application process involves providing relevant information about your company’s security practices and supply chain procedures.
  • CBP Tutorial: CBP offers a tutorial on how to complete the application process.

Minimum Security Criteria:

  • CTPAT is based on trust and is open to trade partners who demonstrate excellence in supply chain security practices and have no significant security-related events.
  • The criteria include several areas:
      • Corporate Security
        1. Security Vision & Responsibility: Ensuring members have the internal support necessary to create and maintain effective security programs.
        2. Risk Assessment: Assess existing and potential exposure to terrorist and criminal threats.
        3. Business Partner Requirements: Ensuring security practices extend to business partners.
        4. Cyber Security: Protecting sensitive data.
      • Transportation Security
        1. Conveyance Security: Securing cargo, conveyances, and Instruments of International Traffic.
        2. Seal Security: Having a comprehensive written seal policy that addresses all aspects of seal security.
        3. Procedural Security: Implementing documented security procedures.
        4. Agricultural Procedures: Preventing the introduction of harmful plants, pests, animal diseases, and invasive species.
      • People and Physical Security
        1. Physical Security: Safeguarding facilities, containers, and cargo.
        2. Physical Access Controls: Preventing unauthorized access into facilities to protect company assets.
        3. Personnel Security: Safeguarding the human resource force through effective screening and pre-employment verifications.
        4. Education and Training: Providing security awareness

On your application is accepted, CBP will make their decision based on the responses and documentation provided. Final acceptance is based upon site validation, and sub-sequent revalidation, CBP to ensure that the security measures are enacted.

Remember, CTPAT is a voluntary program and eligibility is determined based on your company’s commitment to security practices and compliance with the minimum criteria. If you’re interested, start by reviewing the criteria and applying online.

If you need help, CH Powell has proven experience guiding our clients from application through validation. Additional CTPAT services include risk assessments, site visits and auditing.

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