Project Cargo

CH Powell brings creative solutions to your most unconventional freight challenges.

We help companies move specialty cargo with confidence domestically and internationally.

Shipping out of gauge or unconventional cargo is complex and requires intricate and accurate planning and execution. Process failures that cause cargo to miss scheduled loadings or experience avoidable transit or delivery delays can severely disrupt installation and production at destination.

As logistics experts with a vast network of high quality partners, we thrive on specialty cargo challenges. Through committed project management, end-to-end support, and turnkey coordination, we create logistics solutions for every project cargo shipment.

As a strategic partner, we help businesses translate complex requirements and constraints into transport experiences that are simple, solid, and successful.

Technical Know-How

We provide our clients with access to vast knowledge of global transportation expertise.


A proven, simplified approach to solving complex project cargo challenges through personalized service and communication.

Worldwide Results

Our Tandem Global Logistics partners provide committed support for your project moves at every step in the process.

As a collective of problem-solvers, our project cargo team is skilled at creating advanced solutions and leveraging partnerships throughout the logistics chain to seamlessly manage your unconventional cargo.


CH Powell’s Project Cargo team coordinates customs and export compliance requirements and plans our multimode shipments. They are very precise in communications and prompt with all correspondence. CH Powell keeps us informed of pickup and delivery schedules with routine updates from the carriers and are personable and enjoyable to work with. I appreciate their hard work and attention to detail.”

Transport Planner
Air Industry Manufacturer

How we can help with Project Cargo.

Seamless Solutions

CH Powell Company’s Project Cargo Department manages specialty cargo transportation internationally & domestically for out of gauge, roll on-roll off, and high value cargo.

Committed Project Management

Project Cargo is a science that uniquely combines the factors of time management, product knowledge, team building and execution. For any given project, the timeline from shipment feasibility to product manufacture to actual export can be months, or even years.

End-to-End Support

Our Project Cargo team collaborates with like-minded experts across the Tandem Global Logistics network for best in class handling from start to finish. And, with our network of trucking partners, we also manage critical inland freight transportation of flat rack and open top equipment for out of gauge cargo.

Turnkey Coordination

Origin site and port visits are common within our project plan because coordination between multiple stakeholders is vital. We manage teams of experts that include riggers, inland carriers, roadway escorts, multi-level government oversight departments, ocean carriers, longshoremen and ports authorities.

Supporting Services for Project Cargo

More ways that CH Powell can support your logistics needs.


Albert Anthony (Al) CianfroccaProject Cargo Manager,
Canton, MA

My past 20 years at CH Powell have been very rewarding. I have had the great pleasure and opportunity to work very closely with our great Powell family management team and colleagues who are some of the most talented Forwarding and Brokerage individuals in our industry. Servicing the various needs and requirements of all of our clients and agents that we partner with worldwide with the best services available is always our top priority.
48 years of logistics experience. 20 years with CHP.

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Providing personalized, professional services to facilitate international trade for more than a century.

A World Class Team

Long-term partnership with our exceptional employees creates reliable, foundational partnerships with valued clients.

Leadership in Regulatory Compliance

Actively representing the trade and our clients at all levels of policy formulation and best practice.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Here to help you move smarter and faster, no matter where you are on the technology curve.

Accessible & Adaptive

Relationships are key to our business, and we believe in being the best personal communicators in the industry.

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Valued global capabilities and owned assets with localized expertise and care.

CH Powell has your specialty cargo covered.