Eliminate manual processes to maximize value-adding activities.

CH Powell automation technology helps simplify and streamline your logistics processes to enhance production and customer service.

Automation drives efficient execution, reduced process variance, better forecasting and decision making, and more resilient stakeholder partnerships.  

At CH Powell, automation is integral to our technology services — it allows us to partner with clients and create high-impact, future-focused outcomes. It’s about shifting from what must be done – to what we can create.

  • Automate Activities
  • Automate Communication
  • Automate Analysis

CH Powell can help you leverage automation to create sustainable competitive advantage.

The Powell Advantage


Frederick AlexanderSystems Integration Manager, Canton, MA

Data integration gives logistics companies the power to leverage their data, and ensure it is free from both errors and duplication. The efficiencies gained result in better quality work in less time using fewer resources. Our integration team has decades of experience providing proven, innovative solutions tailored to our customers' integration needs. For thirty years, I’ve been a proud part of the Powell team working toward our shared goal: our customers' success.
30 years of logistics experience. 30 years with CHP.

Laura PorterCrystal Reports Developer, Canton, MA

Part of what makes CH Powell Company an excellent Import/Export Brokerage firm is that we are able to provide information about your shipments in the form and format that is most helpful to you and your company. Comprehensive and easy to understand reporting is a special feature of CH Powell Company. It is my job to make certain that the information you need comes to you in the most helpful and useful format.
11 years of logistics experience. 11 years with CHP.

Tech Pros with Industry Expertise.

CH Powell’s Technology team are more than technology specialists.

We have extensive experience building logistics and trade compliance solutions, allowing us to rapidly and accurately transform your requirements and requests into best-in-class operational solutions.


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Leverage automation to create more time for high-value work.