Import Clearance

CH Powell is a compliance-focused customs broker and freight forwarder.

We turn the complexity of compliance adherence into commercial advantage for our clients.

Customs brokerage is nuanced and complicated — and each part of the clearance process carries its own level of complexity. As an importer, you hold the responsibility of informed compliance, and optimizing your import flows while managing risk is increasingly challenging. We’re here to help.

Compliance expertise drives our import clearance operationfrom our experienced staff to our continuing education programs and policy collaboration with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and participating government agencies. As experts in compliance and regulations, we are closely involved with CBP as new policies are designed, providing us with valuable insights that benefit our clients.

As a strategic partner, we help businesses like yours navigate the complicated realms of customs and compliance with confidence.

Reduce Risk

We serve as a trusted advisor and steward, providing compliant customs declarations.

Increase Reliability

Moving products more efficiently and avoiding disruptions results in a more predictable supply chain.

Safe, Timely Delivery

With you through the final mile of delivery — to make sure your shipments are delivered as soon as possible.

We leverage our strong partnerships with the U.S. CBP and PGAs as an extension of your compliance and logistics teams.

As new trade policies are being conceived, we work closely with regulatory agencies to help shape industry dynamics and gain valuable insight for our clients.


We use CH Powell exclusively for our customs clearance needs because they are very competent, they communicate effectively and they are always ready to help with solutions to customs clearance challenges that we encounter.

Metals Manufacturer

How we can help with Import Clearance.

Customs Brokerage

As an experienced customs broker, we help you navigate the myriad rules and bureaucracy so that your products do not sit on a pier or airport because of regulatory red tape.

Regulatory Compliance

Customs laws and regulations can be very complex, and a lack of knowledge of the detailed environment can have serious consequences for your business. Our regulatory compliance expertise turns compliance risk into commercial advantage for our customers.

Shipment Visibility & Tracking

Our proprietary tracking system provides customers with visibility from shipment departure until final delivery. A full range of import supply chain events and complete entry information are available on-demand. Our dynamic reporting and dashboarding tools provide powerful import data customization.


Supporting Services for Import Clearance

More ways that CH Powell can support your logistics needs.


Bob WedwardCustoms Clearance Manager,
Houston, TX

At CH Powell we tailor our services to meet the clients’ needs and that flexibility allows CH Powell to provide superior customer service. As part of the Customs Clearance team I have a strong focus on regulatory compliance. With over thirty-one years of industry experience, I can offer expertise and knowledge to navigate this ever-changing complex industry.
31 years of logistics experience. 4 years with CHP.

Chasity LedfordImport Clearance Supervisor,
Charleston, SC

When we speak about our industry, the concept is not just pushing the supply chain from point to point. During my time at CH Powell, our visualization of the complete supply chain cycle has been our constant driving force. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you today and every day going forward.
25 years of logistics experience. 11 years with CHP.

Eric W. HanselRegulatory Compliance Manager, Charleston, SC

Over the past ten years, global trade has advanced at breathtaking speeds and CH Powell continues its longstanding tradition of compliance and client focus. Our corporate compliance team is hard at work to ensure that our staff is current with the latest trade news and that our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art validation and audit reviews so that your goods are clear to enter commerce as soon as they reach our shores.
17 years of logistics experience. 11 years with CHP.

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Leadership in Regulatory Compliance

Actively representing the trade and our clients at all levels of policy formulation and best practice.

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Confident Customs Clearance starts with CH Powell.