At CH Powell Company, sustainability is a core value and central to our strategic planning.

We take a wide-angle approach to corporate sustainability as stewards of our employees and client supply chains and of the environments in which we seek to continue our progress together.

Mindful Impact

As a non-asset based service provider, our environmental sustainability initiatives focus on energy conservation and process efficiencies. Waste reduction and intelligent energy consumption inform our operating practices from corporate digitalization initiatives to procurement protocols for durable goods. The installation of a 1,000+ panel solar array at our corporate headquarters and distribution center powers nearly all of our facility electricity use.

The Human Element

Creating a work environment where industry experts thrive personally and professionally is critical to our mission and key to cultivating our diverse, family culture. From our beginnings, we strive to engage our employees with fairness, integrity, and respect. We apply this same approach in building long-term partnerships with our client, vendor, and Tandem stakeholders as well. And, as industry experts, we embrace the obligation and opportunity to contribute to the communities in which we work through education and service.

A Foundation for the Future

Though a family-owned business, CH Powell Company incorporates external board directors in our corporate governance structure to enhance accountability and foster innovation. As a freight forwarder, customs broker, and logistics services provider, we employ a standard of full compliance and ethical practice. The proactive partnerships that we have formed with the FMC, CBP, and participating government agencies that regulate our industry are essential for maintaining an organic and contemporary compliance framework. We prioritize strengthening and evolving our business continuity and corporate control plans, particularly in times of heightened risk and volatility in the logistics market.

Your supply chain is in good hands with CH Powell.