2024 Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit

The upcoming 2024 U.S. Customs & Border Security Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit presents a unique chance for education. Organized annually by the CBP Office of Trade, this event serves as a crucial meeting point for industry stakeholders to engage in discussions on pivotal trade and security matters.
The agenda includes sessions on various pertinent topics such as CTPAT, the fight against illicit opioids, artificial intelligence, and more. These discussions provide valuable insights into present challenges and forthcoming trends in global trade and security.

While in-person registration has reached capacity, virtual attendance is still available here, with registration available until March 21, 2024, at 4:00 pm ET.

If you plan to be in Philadelphia next week, please reach out to Eric Hansel, Assistant Director, Clearance, who will be on-site with Geoff Powell, President; we always appreciate the opportunity to meet face to face.

Whether joining online or in person, participating in the Summit offers a firsthand opportunity to deepen comprehension of the intricate trade and security landscape. For those unable to attend, highlights from the Summit will be covered in future editions of Powell Points.