US ports by volume in September

Port volumes are a key indicator of cargo flow and broader cargo demand trends. Here is a snapshot of national port volume activity trends in September where we see continued reset at West Coast ports.

South Carolina Ports Container volumes fell 12% YoY in September, down 15% from September 2019.
Port of Virginia Container volumes fell 13% YoY in September, up 12% from September 2019.
Port Houston Container volumes fell 8% YoY in September, up 29% from September 2019.
Port of Los Angeles Container volumes increased 5% YoY in September, down 3% from September 2019.
The Port of Long Beach Container volumes increased 12% YoY in September, up 17% from September 2019.
Seattle and Tacoma Ports Container volumes increased 22% YoY in September, down 6% from September 2019.