Supply Chain Due Diligence – An Increasingly Important Factor for Customs Entry

The Forced Labor Technical Expo: Tools for Supply Chain Transparency, was held from March 14-15, 2023, and involved members of the US importing community, partner government agencies with a nexus to forced labor enforcement, and non-governmental organizations. The sessions included presentations from industry, due diligence initiatives, and supply chain modernization. The presentations were moving and engaging as attendees were reminded of the unsettling truths of forced labor in the supply chain throughout the world and why it is import that we all do our part to avoid making us consumers “unknowingly complicit” in illegal labor practices. Technology was on full display as the private sector presented their solutions to mapping product origin in modern, multi-layer international supply chains. The solutions included the application of AI, genetic sampling, atmospheric chemistry and more. CH Powell encourages Importers to view the presentations available on demand.