CH Powell solves your most complex supply chain challenges.

Helping businesses build healthy supply chains and turn logistics into a competitive advantage for over a century.

We Are CH Powell Company

As a family of creative problem-solvers with over 100 years of experience facilitating global trade, our unmatched expertise in freight forwarding and customs clearance will help you navigate any challenge you face.

Fourth-Generation Family Business

Providing personalized, professional services to facilitate international trade for more than a century.

A World Class Team

Long-term partnership with our exceptional employees creates reliable, foundational partnerships with valued clients.

Leadership in Regulatory Compliance

Actively representing the trade and our clients at all levels of policy formulation and best practice.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Here to help you move smarter and faster, no matter where you are on the technology curve.

Accessible & Adaptive

Relationships are key to our business, and we believe in being the best personal communicators in the industry.

A Global Company

Valued global capabilities and owned assets with localized expertise and care.

Logistics and compliance are more complex than ever before - we can help you simplify supply.

Build a strong supply chain.

As you grow your overseas customer base and supply base, you’ll need a healthy integrated supply chain and proven forwarding support.

Prioritize compliance.

Compliance with U.S. Customs and participating government agencies is critical to business risk management and cargo fluidity.
Get creative.

When shipping gets complicated, our experts by your side can help you solve the most pressing logistics issues.

Logistics experts at your service to solve your unique needs.


CH Powell provides timely and economical cargo transportation and specialized export and import customs services, delivering a full range of integrated logistics, compliance and technology solutions across the globe.

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The Tandem Global Network

International Collaboration. Localized Expertise. Personalized Care.

At CH Powell Company, we understand that success in international markets is a key component of your business and competitive advantage. That’s why we founded Tandem Global Logistics, a network of uniquely aligned global partners, to deliver your goods with the same, personalized care anywhere in the world.

  • Synchronized global supply chain services that you can trust
  • Focus on flexible solutions for  our customers
  • Worldwide coverage with local market knowledge

Tandem Global Logistics is a collaborative network of the world’s most established logistics providers, serving the global trading market under a common vision and value strategy.


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